Levadas Me Levem

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Fernando Deghi, musician, researcher, composer, arranger and maestro of the Guitarra do Sertão, the Guitar from Sertão, origin inlands northeast of Brazil. Fernando has dedicated himself to pull this guitar from the shadows of forgotten and to put it back in to the spotlights. With his compositions he explorers the melody borders that the guitarra can reach using the most divergent styles and arrangements, where he uses of a methodology developing the technique in playing and extending the repertoire.

Since 1989 Fernando has intensified its study of the Guitarra do Sertão and has proven the possibilities of it as solo-instrument within several music styles. Degli has succeeded in obtaining more from the Guitarra, becoming an instrument that describes feelings, stories and even landscapes.

In YouTube I found a 2 minute composition of Fernando called Caminho da Ribeira do Inferno – Levadas Me Levem (Road of the River to Hell – Levadas That Takes Me). A composition dedicated and named to one of the levadas here on Madeira.

Click (twice) on the arrow and enjoy the sound of the Guitarra do Sertão (the levada images you will see are those of the Levada do Caldeirão Verde / Santana and not that of the Ribeira do Inferno itself).

    Click twice on the arrow in the image to start the video. If this does not work, then go here to visit the corresponding YouTube page.