Best travel tip

levadeiro/ April 6, 2007/ Question, Uncategorized

What is according to you the best travel tip you have heard or know of?

Now … if you are a hotel manager … you will probably say to book at my hotel … or if you are a restaurant owner to come eat at my restaurant. No, we would like to know practical tips for people visiting the Madeira Islands.

For example:

Tip 1:
Before starting your voyage, take pictures of your luggage (or sport equipments) and print these out. Nowadays most people have a digital camera and they can print the images on plain paper. Keep these printouts next to your tickets / travel documents. In case that you luggage / equipment gets lost on arrival, then you can present the image printout to the authorities of lost and found at the airport. This will help them to track down your lost luggage.

Tip 2:
Buy a local Portuguese newspaper and carry it visible with you when taking a walk in the city, even though you can not read Portuguese. Having it with you can help in certain situations. If you come across a Timeshare-person just wave the newspaper at them and they will leave you alone. At an establishment (ie. Restaurant, shop etc.) if they notice the newspaper and ask you if you know the Portuguese language … just tell them that you are trying to learn the language. They will appreciate this and maybe even give you a special sign of their appreciation.

Who knows more similar tips?