Cloud Chase

levadeiro/ May 7, 2007/ Images, Island, Madeira, Music, Nature, Travel, Uncategorized, Video

Last Sunday while Alberto Joao Jardim was resetting his government.dll, my wife and I went together with friends for a drive up to the high planes of Paúl da Serra. Enjoying the magnificent mountain views and clear blue skies above the clouds. It is something that you can not capture on a picture. Even on video you can not see and feel the surroundings of such places.

But anyway I have filmed on various locations and created a small movie impression called ‘Cloud Chase’. Using music ‘Calavagada’ performed by Fernando Deghi … which is from his album ‘Viola Brasileira E Suas Possibilidades’.

Beautiful vista of mountains soaring up to the blue sky … screened by Mother Nature with a roof of clouds. Reminding you that there is so much resplendence around you … that you will notice if you just take the time to stop and look around. Sorry … I am getting a little bit poetical when I playback in my mind last Sunday.

    Click twice on the arrow in the image to start the video. If this does not work, then go here to visit the corresponding YouTube page.