Levada do Rei

levadeiro/ June 10, 2007/ Images, Island, Levadas, Madeira, Tips, Uncategorized

Some travelers visit Madeira Island … they rent a car … drive around for a week and at the end they say ‘we have seen everything of Madeira!’. Yeah sure! And I am Paris Hilton that just escaped and bought a property on Madeira.

Seriously … there is still a lot to discover on this, according to Google Earth, small island. For example today we went for a levada walk. It was a magnificent walk called Levada do Rei, which goes into the Ribeiro Bonito Valley. It is a “walk there and back” walk and took us about three hours.

See a slide show of the pictures I took during the walk. An image says more than a thousand words … in this case you can see more than 25.000 words.

    Levadas – man made irrigation channels that not only provides the island with precious and clear water, but also offers us with the joy and the awareness to respect the beauties that nature is (still) presenting us.