Transat 650

levadeiro/ September 4, 2007/ Events, Uncategorized

During these days (21 September till 6 October) the marima at Funchal will be the one of the host for the Transat 6.50 (Transat 650) Regatta.

But what is Transat 6.50? you might ask

It is a solo regatta with the main aim to cross the Atlantic without any assistance from outside. Electronic and/or computer-assisted navigation aids are forbidden. The boats have a measure of 6.5 metres and they will sail over 4250 nautical miles (approximately 7900 kilometers) from La Rochelle to Funchal, and from there after Salvador da Bahia in Brazil.

Click here for the Transat 650 route

This regatta has become king discipline during the last years, increasing the pioneer spirit. The number of the participants increased from twenty-three with the first Regatta to seventy in the year 2003. The number of the foreign participants also increased, so that the Transat 650 became the most popular international transatlantic Regatta.