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Fado …. the unique music from Portuguese soil that describes sentiments, longing, but also sadness, pain, happiness and love. Fado can be translated as destiny or fate (latin ‘Fatum’) … and it has its origin on the Portuguese mainland. The Fado music is linked to the Portuguese word ‘saudade’, a word describing a sentiment that is commonly considered to have no accurate translation in any other language. On Madeira you find a few small Fado-bars and Fado-restaurants … where singers tell “their” stories … most of the time in a trance-like condition, in which the protagonist is experiencing the ailment and the longing, which he or she describes.

With Fado you will find some renowned names such as Amália Rodrigues, Dulce Pontes, Madredeus, Cristina Branco and Mariza. Mariza is the new generation Fado singers … giving a new look to the traditional song but keeping the concept of saudade.

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