The Best Madeira photos

levadeiro/ November 3, 2007/ Images, Madeira, Uncategorized

CameraThis year I have seen over more than 40.000 pictures of Madeira. That would mean that I have been watching about 266 snapshots per day … that is 11 photographs per hour. You might think that that is the only thing I do all day … watching pictures and not having a life. Wrong. I do have ways to get a quick overview, for example through thumbnails of these images and in a few minutes glancing I have a good idea which images are worth looking at.

A great part of these images can be found at Most of these photos I think that they are fantastic. These I have added to my favorites … of which you can see a slideshow of next. Do not worry …. it is only over 200 pictures …

To see this slide show you need (at least) Adobe Flash Player 9 plugin installed into your web browser.

Attention: this slide show is updated frequently with new images … so it is worth to check it out more often.