Future is full of possibilities

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By Márcia and Mauro

When I hear people say “Mankind is over“… I feel the urge to tell them: “Come to Madeira!“.

Hasta el borde no paramos

Each one of our natural resources, water, land and weather give us hope and we could say “Future is full of possibilities“. This photo was taken in Quinta Grande, in the west coast of Madeira where the land is cultivated as far as the sea comes in the way or the land falls beneath men’s feet. The need for space in an island is well known, and in an island like Madeira, with its volcanic origin, its steep and rough terrains, that need is even stronger. The use of the island water resources is a pleasant thing to discover. The “levadas” (man made water courses) are a wise expression of human inventiveness to preserve its more valuable asset – water.

You may say that it is not different from the ancient INCA, AZTEC, ROMAN or EGYPCIAN Civilizations, to which we can reply: “Yes, you’re right“. But so many centuries have passed with no substance for us to take some knowledge from them?

What we can see, in one way or another is that in Madeira we have learned how to organize a society in connection with nature, respecting each individual and its place in it. The green landscape of the island gives us a strong sense of hope that we will have MADEIRA for many years to come. It´s a precious legacy that needs to be preserved.

We hope you enjoy our friendly people, our natural paradise, and the visual beauty the island has to offer.

WELCOME TO MADEIRA! (Márcia and Mauro)