International Fireworks Competition

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Madeira was referred in the Guinness World Records to have the biggest fireworks event in the world. Maybe you will say to your partner Honey, lets watch the fireworks on Madeira!. We will need to wait till the end of the year? …. Actually, that is not true!

This month the Regional Secretariat of Tourism and Culture organizes the Festival of Atlantic … an important event that combines culture and entertainment. The event will be divided in two main parts namely Madeira Music Festival and the International Fireworks Competition.

In the Fireworks Competition teams from four different countries will compete for putting on the most impressive pyro-musical display ever. This popular event takes place on each Saturday of June and is allegedly watched by thousand and thousand people who have a good view from various spots in the city limits of Funchal.

In the past fireworks in countries like China were used to scare away evil spirits. That was then. Nowadays city like Funchal (Madeira) such displays is intended to pray for happiness and prosperity.

For a detail programme of the Atlantic Festival can be checked out on the Internet at:

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