As memórias que nunca se apagam

levadeiro/ December 12, 2008/ Images, Madeira, Uncategorized, Video

As memórias que nunca se apagam .… “The memories that never extinguish” … a regional film production that was presented at the International Festival of Cinema of Funchal (FICF). It is a short film made by two young filmmakers Dinarte Freitas and Eduardo Costa.

“As memorias que nunca se apagam” refers to the year 1936, in São Jorge, Madeira, where João, a young farmer, has a crush for Maria. They decide to flee to get married and refuge in a cave of Pico Ruivo but they end up being discovered by Antonio, the girl’s father who prevents them to see each other. João departs abroad and promises her that he will take her with him … but the time passes and João never returns …. till 2007, João is back to the island. Everything has changed … also Maria … but did their love also changed?

This is the first Madeireinse movie, made in Madeira and by Madeireans, but unfortunately the project has not been integrated in the commemorations of Funchal. It therefore lacks the support to be able to be shown in a proper film theater.

Watch the video-clip of this Madeirean motion picture