Tips for Walking on Madeira

levadeiro/ July 30, 2009/ Levadas, Madeira, Tips, Uncategorized

Ensure that you have sufficient water before starting a (long) walk (minimum of 1.5 liters per person). Check if there are any places to refuel … because walking under Madeira’s hot sun can have a similar effect as if you were walking on the Sahara. If there are no taskas (bars) or shops in the vicinity, look out for the local drinking fountains where you can find sweet, refreshing spring water.

Always wear layers. Even in winter when you walk at high altitude … the temperature might feel cold, but sometimes you will find yourself sweating. On Madeira it is not allowed to walk around topless, ladies. Sometimes when you walk through the inner veins of the Laurisilva, thick damp mist can sneak up and the temperature can drop very fast. In that situation you will be very gratefull having some extra pullover or t-shirt or other clothing that you can cover part f your body.

Very essential, especially when walking in areas with little shade such as Paul da Serra or Ponta São Lorenço. Same goes for a hat. Lets be honest …. you did not come to Madeira to visit the medical waiting room?

If you are heading into mountainous terrain, or taking chances to descend steep forest paths … we urge that you wear hiking boots. If you want to do a walk on our natural beaches …. the we advice sturdy sandals … at least.

Due to the diversity of the terrain, heights and routes … please plan your time carefully to do the walk. Include also the pauses in the calculation of the journey. Remember that you came to Madeira to enjoy the scenery … therefore calculate with a relaxing walking tempo in mind. You are not going to walk a marathon.