Monthly Archives: November 2009

The island above the clouds

Madeira, an island that rises about 6 km from the floor of the Atlantic Ocean, reaching, even surpassing the clouds. Therefore Madeira has two surfaces, namely one above the sea and below the clouds …. another one above clouds. This photo gallery is dedicated to the second territory … that is surrounded by a white ocean and covered by a

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Funchal – Madeira – Christmas and New Year

A video (10 min.) filmed by Gil Santos, that shows Funchal at this time of year. It gives you a little idea of how Funchal dresses up, showing its visitors the sights, sounds and spirit of Christmas and New Year.

Atlantic Ship Horns Festival?

Next to the Fireworks Festival …. will this be the next new event here on the harbor of Funchal? As more of these cruise ships will be visiting Funchal (Madeira) … we will be experiencing more of these horn battles between the ships. It is a good thing that I am living outside the city.

Start of the Christmas Illuminations

The preparations for the Christmas and end-of-year celebrations are in full progress at this moment. The official opening of the New Year’s Eve Festivities in Madeira will take place on the 27th of November (Friday). If you do not want to miss this then you need to be in the area of Avenida Arriaga (Funchal) and watch the switching on

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Comboio do Monte

The restoration of Monte Railway will start in the first quarter of 2010 unknown. According to a publication (unfortunately now removed) of the Madeira Tourism this will be a funicular railway system. The plan is to restore the original railway, which used to run between the center of Funchal and the parish of Monte. In the past (first half of

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