Getting lost with Google Maps

levadeiro/ December 8, 2009/ Madeira, Uncategorized

I came across an error in the Google Maps. Searching for Mercado dos Lavradores within the Google Maps … I see that they have identified it at the wrong location on the map. Actually according to G-map it is under a highway viaduct (?).

Google Maps Mercado Lavradores

If people use G-maps to find their way in Funchal (or other locations on Madeira) then no wonder they get lost.

The best way to describe the location of the market is walking up the road of Rua Dr. Fernao Ornelas and you will see the market at the other side in front of you. Or walking from the Electricity museum a few blocks up.

I now wonder if there are more mistakes like these in Google Maps concerning Madeira? If anyone finds more errors … please let me know.