Monthly Archives: January 2010

Poço da Neve – Well of Snow

Some things seems trivial nowadays, but in the past they were unthinkable, … for example ice. With the advent of refrigerators and other similar devices today it has become possible to have ice all year-round. Now … imagine 100 years ago …. how could one get ice? Only in winter and in the highest regions of Madeira, when it snowed

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Madeira Island Paragliding Meeting

The VI Madeira Island Paragliding Meeting will take place next March, between the 17th (Wednesday) and 21st (Sunday). All pilots are welcome to this event. Click here for more information Parapente Funchal 500 Anos from Décio Abreu on Vimeo.

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Madeira 2010 Fireworks

Check out the first serie of the Madeira 2010 Fireworks videos. These are the first of the collection videos that we found on the web and we will be displaying them here or placing the link to the video page. By the way … Happy New Year! More videos ….