Nudism or Topless on Madeira?

levadeiro/ February 9, 2010/ Beaches, Island, Madeira, Madeira Islands, People, Tips

Here on Madeira Archipelago (Madeira and Porto Santo) it is (officially) not allowed to exercise nudism. Also is not allowed for women to go topless on the beach locations. Both the authorities and locals do not tolerate these on the islands.

Despite the fact that Madeira is an autonomous region of Portugal and in the ‘mainland’ there are a nudist beaches, still there are no official approved nudist beaches here on Madeira Islands.

Note: This article is not intended to judge this way of lifestyle … on the contrary. The objective is to provide naturist who wants to visit Madeira Islands with information concerning this issue. In this case the information is short and simple … nudity in the open is (still) not entirely accepted by the local community.