Dark Waters

levadeiro/ February 21, 2010/ Madeira, Madeira Islands, News, Uncategorized, Weather

You will have heard or read about the tragedy that took place here on Madeira Island last Saturday. That is why you were not able to read anything about Madeira through our blog. The loss of telephone and Internet communications, ….. but most of all we had to give our time to support our family, loved ones and friends. That is why we could not offer you news about the situation.

Gratefully the situation is now somewhat back to normal, but we regret to tell you that there were more than 40 mortal causalities. Our sincere thoughts and deepest condolences goes to their family, friends and their loved ones. Also those who are alive but have suffered … we wish them strength.

On Saturday 20th of February the island got caught in bad weather … dark clouds came over and it produced in a few hours time an extremmelly amount of rain. Heavy rainfall took place all over the island … especially in the higher mountain regions. The following result was that all that water from these high regions seeks its way down to rejoin the ocean … through rivers, waterfalls and, due to the abundance of it, the dark waters searched and created news ways to reach the coast. This caused a catastrophic situation for the regions near these waterways.

Again … the destructive part was not caused by winds, nor tropical storm, nor large destructive waves …. but merely the rain that fell on the island. The amount that fell was just overwhelming. Never, as long as people could remember, did they saw such a phenomenon like this here on Madeira Islands. We (Madeira) also experienced that the climate in the world is changing (has changed) … the same as in other countries.
The damage is now being solved and everybody is working hard to restore everything back. Victims are taken care of … thanks to the help from everybody on the island and from abroad.

I will finalize this post with the following message ….
The climate is changing … not only in our Atlantic region but also … in your own country. Madeira will prepare itself, as much as possible, for these changes. I hope that the rest of the world will do the same …