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Don’t you dare to visit Madeira!

Madeira Island is in my opinion one of the most awful places to go on holidays. Who wants to go to a beautiful island with a gorgeous nature environment situated in the Atlantic Ocean? I have heard many visitors of Madeira saying that it is a great holiday destination … and this is unfortunately true. Madeira has majestic mountains, a

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Madeira 2006 – Swedish Promo

A Swedish film report about Funchal, Madeira. Filmed in April 2006. Unfortunately the footage only shows the standard attractions such as Mercado dos Lavradores, fish-market, cable car to Monte, toboggan, wine lodge and a short hike on a levada. Meanwhile there is much more to see here on Madeira.

What visitors really want?

The German television company WDR has broadcast at the beginning of this month in their weekly travel program Wunderschön! (Beautiful!), a 90 minutes report of Madeira “Blumeninsel im Atlantik” (Island of Flowers), presented by Tamina Kallert. WebTV Madeira “Blumeninsel im Atlantik” (90 min. German) Although it is in German and 1 hour and a half long … it is worth

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New idea will help Banana producers?

Here is an idea that can help Madeira Islands banana producers boost up their business and make up for the lack of exports and banana subsidies. Underwear made from banana fibers (Thanks mom, for sending me the link ..)

Do you know a secret about Funchal?

Do you know the best garden to visit? Where the best Madeirense food can be found? Or do you fancy trying something new? These were the questions we asked our readers to share with us any curious and underground things that they found in Funchal (capital of Madeira). Lots of people that are visiting Madeira are looking for new things

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Heroes of Madeira

Two photo galleries (a maybe more will come) to honor all the rescuers, police personnel, firemen, civil workers, emergency personnel, soldiers, victims and others for their great effort in rescue, support and restoring back the island as it was. There is a real sense of unity and dedication as the community here on Madeira works together to overcome the recent

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