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Poncha da Madeira

The Poncha is a drink originated in India, brought by the British, and adapted by Madeirans. The Indian name given to the drink, namely pãnch, was initially composed by five ingredients: Rice or nut coconut spirit, sugar, tea of fresh herbs, spices and water. It is believed now that the Poncha has been experienced for the first time outside India,

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Festa da Anona

The idea of the Festa da Anona (Cherimoya Feast) was born in 1990, through a group of producers of Faial, that wanted to promote their products (fruit) and thus to call the attention the madeirenses in general. The initial idea was a Regional Cherimoya Exhibition, nowadays also known as the Anona Festival, … which is to be held at Faial

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Madeira Blue

Amazing pictures taken by Pedro Ferrão Patricio. Images of the underwater inhabitants of Madeira.

Who said this?

The isolation of these Islands makes their history and characteristics almost unknown to outsiders. Even those who come to visit see little beyond their first impressions. This book is a discovery. It takes a modern look at the Island’s rich and individual history, many of the idiosyncrasies of which result from Madeira´s insularity. It is also remarkable that one the

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