Who is behind Blog Thoughts Madeira?

This blog exists because of the love for the island. It is a culmination of input from many different people and resources that I have collected from the web. This entire site is a personal project to promote the island, its culture, heritage, nature, history, beauty and more.

Somebody once asked me if this blog is linked or sponsored by the Madeira Tourism, a government organization, a tour operator or travel agency. The answer is no. There is no link with any of them. Not that I do not want … on the contrary … it seems as if they do not know that this blog exists.

Some information that I try to provide seems to be incomplete, so please bear with me. I hope that you can help me to complete the missing information and keep it up to date …. so that it can be an informative and useful resource about Madeira Islands.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for the site, please take a few moments to put it in writing and mail me using the e-mail address below. Input, suggestions and ideas are most welcome. Send any tips you may have and, if used in our articles, your name and website will be credited on the page.

Please send your email to donamaro@madeirablog.eu