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What happened exactly?

levadeiro/ February 21, 2010/ Madeira, Nature, Question, Uncategorized

Could this phenomenon happen? is maybe one of the most asked questions when looking at the (awful) images that took place last Saturday here on Madeira. There was no tropical storm … no hurricane …. no cyclone … no devastating hard winds … no tsunami-like waves. Just lots of rain …. plus the fact that …. Madeira is an island!

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Is Madeira Airport really scary?

levadeiro/ February 26, 2009/ Madeira, Question, Uncategorized

Do you think that the Madeira Airport is a scary runway to land on? Wedged in by one side the mountains and the other side the Atlantic ocean, it requires special training for pilots to do a clockwise approach. Some say that despite a unique extension that was completed back in 2003 and now expands the runway length to what

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