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Protect yourself against the sunrays

levadeiro/ June 2, 2011/ Health, Island, Madeira, Uncategorized, Weather

Here are a few hints how to protect yourself against the dangerous UVA– and UVB-rays from the sun. The UV rays emitted by the sun are strongest and most harmful at mid-day, between the hours of 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Most people think that they are well protected against these harmful sunrays by wearing just a T-shirt. Well …

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What happened exactly?

levadeiro/ February 21, 2010/ Madeira, Nature, Question, Uncategorized

Could this phenomenon happen? is maybe one of the most asked questions when looking at the (awful) images that took place last Saturday here on Madeira. There was no tropical storm … no hurricane …. no cyclone … no devastating hard winds … no tsunami-like waves. Just lots of rain …. plus the fact that …. Madeira is an island!

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Dark Waters

levadeiro/ February 21, 2010/ Madeira, Madeira Islands, News, Uncategorized, Weather

You will have heard or read about the tragedy that took place here on Madeira Island last Saturday. That is why you were not able to read anything about Madeira through our blog. The loss of telephone and Internet communications, ….. but most of all we had to give our time to support our family, loved ones and friends. That

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