Madeira Fireworks (The Video)

Funchal the capital of the Madeira Island has achieved to register a Guinness World Record with its pyrotechnic exhibition, which involved 17 tons of fireworks … that caused 660,300 detonations8,000 explosions per minute … over an area of 6 km by 2.7 km wide … more than 8 minutes long.

For those that could not witness this spectacular fireworks display … here is a video that was made on that day. Unfortunately a video will never capture the true atmosphere. Just imagine that all around you the sky is being lit up … that is almost impossible to capture it all on film. As you will notice the first few minutes I was enjoying the show and forgot to take the camera to film around.

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  1. How wonderful it was to relive the awesome experience of this year’s New Year fireworks in Funchal. I was there for the fifth year (in the football stadium) and this was the best ever. My son saw for the first time and was amazed. Congratulations Funchal. I am now back in England and you have really cheered me up!

  2. As a madeirean, it´s great to see that people liked our show. But, as any other show, not only some give it´s contribution. Funchal´s fireworks is a prize for people who through out the new year´s eve give a special atmosphere to the city which includes the tourists form all countries that walk in the city. You´re part of the show!

    Thank you Don Amaro for advertising Madeira so well.

  3. madeira is da bst country dat any 1 can eva go 2 as am frm der i would say itz da bst place 2 relax!

  4. I was on a cruise in the port of funchal for new year what an amazing experience never seen anything so like it…….

  5. Saw this years fireworks from the roof of the porto santa maria the best yet will return in three years time when my friend Liz will celebrate her big 60

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